Donations made to the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation provide direct impact to Louisiana’s hospitality industry. Fundraising proceeds support our industry-focused grant programs. It is through donations from generous individuals and corporations that the Foundation is able to continue these noteworthy efforts and improve the communities it serves. For more information on how to contribute, please visit our Donation page.

Hospitality Worker Crisis Grant Program

“The Louisiana Hospitality Foundation swept in to offer assistance at a time when I was overwhelmed with the cost of a double mastectomy. Medical expenses were mounting and it was hard to focus on happiness and health (which is crucial when dealing with disease.) This unexpected act of kindness put a smile on my face when I felt there was little to smile about, and much-needed funds to help cover my already exorbitant medical expenses! This was a very bright spot in a very dark ordeal and I’ve emerged better for it, and with a deep appreciation for why the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation exists.”

“My mother was an employee in hospitality services for eight years and due to Covid-19, she passed away. Louisiana Hospitality Foundation was able to help with some funding toward the funeral arrangements. I am very thankful for the grant. This was a big help for me and my family.”

“My family and I cannot thank the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation enough for assisting us in putting our home back together in the wake of Hurricane’s Laura and Delta.  The storms left our home unlivable and while we are all safe and are learning how to live the camping lifestyle, the old saying holds true…there’s no place like home, and our family thanks LHF for helping to get us in our home faster with this generous grant!”

Education Grants

Delgado Community College Foundation

The Louisiana Hospitality Foundation gas given grants to support their hospitality and culinary program, which oftentimes helps students with expenses for required classroom items such as professional knives and other supplies.​

“Delgado Community College sincerely appreciates the significant contributions of the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation to its Culinary Arts and Hospitality Programs. As a result, the College can contribute back to the community through Workforce Development. We appreciate and value our relationship and look forward to continuing working with LHF in the future.”

Louisiana Restaurant Association Education Foundation

The Louisiana Hospitality Foundation supports the LRA’s ProStart Invitational each spring, where high school students compete for culinary education scholarships.

“The LHF sponsorship of our state ProStart Invitational culinary competition provides a platform to enlighten and educate our high school students as they consider the many career paths this industry can provide to them. They also get to engage on a personal level with people in the industry who can share their experience and success stories.”

St. Paul’s Episcopal School

The Louisiana Hospitality Foundation provided a grant to help with expenses of building a teaching kitchen at their school.

“Teachers and students from 2 years old to 8th grade can be found in our culinary garden, growing and cultivating herbs, fruits and vegetables. Our garden is a daily opportunity that enhances our academic and sustainability programs and gives joy to our students and faculty alike. Thank you Louisiana Hospitality Foundation!”